The following downloads relate to ideas and work specific to Asia. Click on the title links for the full downloads:

T-News India

State-level efforts by various Thalassemia Associations and patient/parent groups in India.
June 2014 January 2015 December 2015

CSR 2.0 May 2013


Resurgent Asia - 2013


Web 2.0 adoption by Singapore Non-Profits (March 2010)

Based on responses to an online survey from 86 Non-Profits in Singapore which was further validated through face-to-face interviews with 20 Non-Profits.

Social 'Service-Innovation'

How can not-for-profit organisations move away from a traditional grant-seeking model to one that can catalyse and add value to the sector at large? Article by Usha Menon.

The World That Changes The World

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Global Fundraising Confidence Survey 2009


Survey report on Leadership in Fundraising in Asia


“ I have seen and worked with Usha in the capacity building of do-good organizations, and I can say that she does it very well.”

Willie Cheng, Author, Doing Good Well

Usha presented at the inaugural Philanthropy in Asia Summit 2012