Oct 2017

Usha Menon shares insights on the ABCD of a change-making fundraiser in the latest edition of Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia. Read here

July 2017

Usha Menon explores the emerging philanthropy and civic engagement sectors within China in the latest edition of Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia here

Jan 2017

Usha Menon devised the ‘Fundraising Activity Positioning Map’ to help fundraisers and their supervisor to evaluate their performance and ensure effectiveness of efforts. The information has been translated in Germany to help their fundraisers to become more effective. The English version of how to use the tool can be found here:Read More

Usha Menon’s insights on Generation G has been translated into German to help fundraisers there to understand the future of fundraising.Read More

Asian Insights in Fundraising by Usha Menon has been translated in China to help Chinese nonprofits to understand the Asian context. Learn more about fundraising in China here:Read More

June 2016

Usha Menon’s article on ‘What it takes to be a NonProfit Director’ is covered by the Business Times in Singapore. Read More.

April 2016

Resource Alliance India launches its 'listen-in' podcast asking me for my views on 'How does India fare in ‪#‎fundraising?' You can hear my thoughts on India and beyond and what I see as the way(April 2016) Read More.

Usha Menon shares Seven Life Lessons as a student, parent and businesswoman @LinkedIn (April 2016) Read More.

An overview of the digital and ‎crowdfunding space in Singapore. Usha Menon comments on the challenges faced by the nonprofit sector. Insert attached photo. Read More.

March 2016

Usha Menon’s article on 5 Fundraising Insights from Asia is featured in the latest edition of AsianNGO, Asia's first media and one-stop-solution for nonprofits and socially-responsible enterprises.

October 2015

Usha Menon’s article on Donor-Centric Fundraising is featured in the latest edition of AsianNGO. AsianNGO is Asia's first media and one-stop-solution for nonprofits and socially-responsible enterprises.


A video message from Usha Menon -Join me at the IWRM 2015!

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Kind regards,

Usha Menon

An active volunteer for the Resource Alliance for the past 25 years.

June 2015

Usha writes to the press on her observations on why fundraising in Singapore has seen a marked increase. Read More

February 2015

Association of Fundraising Professionals have just selected the book ‘Global Fundraising: How the World is Changing the Rules of Philanthropy’, co-edited by Bernard Ross and Penelope Cagney and published by Wiley for the AFP/Skystone Partners Prize for Research in the USA. Usha Menon has written the chapter on Singapore and co-authored the one on India.

Congratulations to Bernard, Penelope and 25 co-authors from around the global who contributed to this ‘thought-provoking volume on international philanthropy’.

January 2015

Usha Menon in conversation with Deputy Editor, IndiaCSR, Bilal Hussain on the Stations of the CSR Journey. Read More

Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy (Asia), Usha Menon in conversation with Deputy Editor, IndiaCSR, Bilal Hussain. Read More

August 2014
Interview with Usha Menon featured in the latest Change the Game debate as the Dutch development sector celebrates its 65th anniversary”.

June 2014
Usha Menon will be conducting a masterclass and workshops on fundraising topics at the International Resource Mobilization Workshop 2014

December 2013
Usha’s insights on fundraising trends in Asia appeared in the December edition of Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia. Read here

June 2013
Usha Menon co-authored chapter 7 on ‘The global giving India’ focusing on the Indian diaspora.

May 2013
Usha Menon contributed to the book 'Revealing Indian Philanthropy,' a London School of Economics publication in collaboration with Swiss Bank UBS. Other contributors to this book include Adi Godrej, Rohini Nilekani, Shiv Nader, Rajshree Birla, G.M Rao among others.
The global launch of the book was held in Singapore last week in the presence of Dada Vaswani, spiritual leader of the Sadhu Vaswani mission and witnessed by the ultra-high net-worth Indian clients of UBS. Read More >>
Also read Usha’s blog on ‘How to engage the Indian community’

April 2013
A one-of-its-kind fundraising book has been launched! Usha Menon collaborates with co-editors Bernard Ross, Penelope Cagney and fundraising experts from around the world, to bring Global Fundraising: How the world is changing the rules of philanthropy. Substantial information on Asia covering China, India, Japan, Korea and Singapore. It is a Wiley publication under the AFP Fund Development Series.

December 2012
Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia covers the 5 Themes of Philanthropy in Asia by Usha Menon
Following a gathering of philanthropy figures from throughout Asia and around the world for the inaugural ‘Philanthropy in Asia Summit’ –– Usha Menon explains the standout themes of the region’s philanthropy

December 2011
Usha Menon writes for the Fundraising & Philanthropy Australasia on the state of fundraising in India by INGOs.
Read here

November 2010
Check out the latest article on Usha and =mc|Asia in this month's edition of IndiaSe
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Join our 1-day national fundraising workshop 'Shaping the Future of Fundraising' in Tamil Nadu, India
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July 2010
Usha Menon analyses the effectiveness of fundraising programmes
Read this Article
Usha Menon speaks at the inaugural networking session of The LIGHT, a platform for non-profit sector CEOs in Singapore.
Read more

November 2009
Humaneity covers the Global Fundraising Confidence Report
Read More

October 2009
Hindustan Times covers Usha Menon’s comments on the Global Fundraising Confidence Report
Read Article
Top News features Usha Menon's comments on The Management Centre's Global Fundraising Confidence Survey
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Usha asks: 'Is your organisation ready to fundraise in Asia?' in this article, published in the UK's Professional Fundraising magazine.
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September 2009
Usha Menon discusses the training and development needs of executives in the non-profit sector with Dr. Tan Chi Chiu, board member for Lien Centre at SMU; Anita Fam, Vice-President, Asian Women's Welfare Association and Farheen Mukri, manager for Research and Programmes at Lien Centre at SMU.
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Febuary 2009
The Singapore Business Times features Usha Menon's article on philanthropy and the charity sector features
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=mc featured in January - February 2009 edition of SALT, published by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center, Singapore.
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August 2008
Usha Menon contributes to the inaugural issue of 'Social Space' Usha was one of only 19 thinkers and practitioners invited to write in the inaugural issue of Social Space 2008 published by the Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore highlighting new ideas, innovative thinking and best practices in the social landscape in Singapore.
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June 2006
Usha Menon explains the value of having role models, at the launch of the 1st NGO Awards in India.
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