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Optimism – an activity as much as it is an attitude

Blog Post by Usha Menon for 101fundraising , May 2015 – by Usha Menon “Usha, do we have a plan B?” This recent question from a client with whom I am working on an exciting major gift development plan, triggered the topic for this blog. We were preparing to meet with a highly placed and […]

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Stations of the CSR Journey

As seen on Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy (Asia), Usha Menon in conversation with Deputy Editor, IndiaCSR, Bilal Hussain. IndiaCSR News Network Usha Menon is the Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy (Asia), an international training and consultancy service working exclusively with social-impact organisations across Asia. Her multi-country client list include International […]

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APT Considerations: Fundraising’s Market-entry Into Asia

A recent blog post on 101 Fundraising where Daryl Upsall gave his views on what it takes ’to go global’ in fundraising,  got me thinking of fundraising’s  market entry into Asia.  If indeed INGOs want to head East with a new-market strategy they will do well to know a few ground realities. For INGOs especially […]

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Fundraising Funnels and Flasks

    Hello Usha, I have just sold my stake in an Indonesian company. I plan to retire from business and spend time with my grandchildren.  I want to give the entire amount of US$3.0 Million to a good charity. But you have to promise me that they will not follow me after that; because […]

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Generation G: Teachings from a five year old philanthropist

While much is written and discussed about the giving behaviours of the baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (or Millennial), I want to focus on Generation G in this post.  Generation Generosity cuts across many age-groups and their generosity embraces more than charity. Here is an account of a recent encounter with a member of […]

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Trio of Influence

Trio of influences coming to bear in Asia Hand in hand with the growing wealth in countries across Asia, the region is making strides in all aspects of local fundraising and philanthropy. However I anticipate that three key factors in particular will have a critical impact in the giving landscape going forward. China’s mega-philanthropy By […]

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The 3 Ps of Philanthropy: Philosophy, Process & People

With the rapid changes around us, including the stations on the philanthropic journey, I find that many donors are seeking the philanthropic model best suited to them. Those engaged in philanthropy are becoming more discerning and diligent about managing their philanthropy and life’s many choices. Hence I believe they should treat their philanthropic portfolio just […]

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Fundraising Insights from India

This blog post was first published on 15 August 2013 on 101fundraising – Crowdblog on Fundraising Today is the 67th Independence Day of India. Such milestones are good time to reflect on the past and forecast the way forward. Hence I will focus on fundraising insights from India, one of the countries that are generating […]

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Key steps in developing a successful fundraising strategy

This interview first appeared in the Resource Alliance e-newsletter in June 2013.  Usha Menon is Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy (Asia), an international training and consultancy service working exclusive with ‘for-impact’ organisations. A celebrated speaker, connector and consultant on non-profit management, fundraising and philanthropy, she has presented, trained and inspired non-profit leaders across […]

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Resurgent Asia: fundraising and philanthropy (Part 2 of 2)

Several questions on fundraising and philanthropy were posed to me at the 50th International Conference of the Association of Fundraising Professional held in San Diego in early April. Here are some insights: Major gifts: inter-generational wealth transfer There is a Chinese saying that wealth does not last beyond three generations- as the first generation creates, […]

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