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From surviving to thriving

Singapore has the ability to be one of the key countries where fundraising should thrive, given supportive policy environment like the 250% tax benefit, the $500 million government matching through the Care & Share movement for capabilities building of the social service sector, a digitally wired smart nation, standards of education and living that are […]

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Fundraising Landscape in China

The nonprofit sector According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, at the end of December 2015 there were a total of 658,000 social organizations in China. These included 326,000 community organizations, 4,719 foundations, and 327,000 private non-enterprise work units. By way of comparison in 2014 there was a total of 606,000 […]

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Becoming a Non-Profit Director

This article was first published on 6 June 2016 in The Business Times and BT Invest (a financial portal of The Business Times), under the column “Boardroom Matters” by the Singapore Institute of Director. It is not uncommon for board directors who sit on “for-profit” boards to also serve on the boards of non-profit organisations […]

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Action without thought is labour lost!

Blog Post by Usha Menon for 101fundraising , Aug 2015 Evaluating activity v/s  performance   In my last post ,  I  shared my insights on the importance  of making Optimism an actvity (yes! not just an attitude) to impact fundraising performance.  In this post, I want to focus on the negative  impact of ‘activity ’ […]

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Optimism – an activity as much as it is an attitude

Blog Post by Usha Menon for 101fundraising , May 2015 – by Usha Menon “Usha, do we have a plan B?” This recent question from a client with whom I am working on an exciting major gift development plan, triggered the topic for this blog. We were preparing to meet with a highly placed and […]

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We live only once? A world view that’s infinite

Over the lunch break at a Board training session, we were sharing snippets from our lives. And one of them very philosophically said ‘We live only once’. To which, his colleague on the board asked, ‘Do we?’ The others at the table appreciatively nodded in unison, while reflecting on this perceptive query. An interesting and […]

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