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From surviving to thriving

Singapore has the ability to be one of the key countries where fundraising should thrive, given supportive policy environment like the 250% tax benefit, the $500 million government matching through the Care & Share movement for capabilities building of the social service sector, a digitally wired smart nation, standards of education and living that are […]

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Fundraising and philanthropy observations from Asia – China

‘Not to know and know that you don’t know, that is to know” -Chinese proverb. I love the work I do as it’s a continuous process of studying, sharing and strengthening the social impact sector, organisations and its leadership across Asia.  Here are some of my recent observations and learning about the fundraising and philanthropy […]

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Fundraising Practices in Singapore

I am delighted to have collaborated with the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Social Development Asia (CSDA) to launch Singapore’s first exploratory studies on fundraising practices, with a focus on the Health, Social and Welfare sectors. The studies include a quantitative research on the disclosure of fundraising practices covering 126 IPCs (Institutions of Public […]

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Seven Life Lessons as a student, parent and businesswoman

In this post I take a break from my reflections on nonprofit management and fundraising. Today I would like to share with you the Seven Life Lessons that I have learnt over the years. I have used the colors of the rainbow to help me organise my thoughts. For the first 3 colors I focus […]

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Becoming a Non-Profit Director

This article was first published on 6 June 2016 in The Business Times and BT Invest (a financial portal of The Business Times), under the column “Boardroom Matters” by the Singapore Institute of Director. It is not uncommon for board directors who sit on “for-profit” boards to also serve on the boards of non-profit organisations […]

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Optimism – an activity as much as it is an attitude

Blog Post by Usha Menon for 101fundraising , May 2015 – by Usha Menon “Usha, do we have a plan B?” This recent question from a client with whom I am working on an exciting major gift development plan, triggered the topic for this blog. We were preparing to meet with a highly placed and […]

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Volunteering: A corporate talent development program that is socially responsible

I have been a keen observer of the recent discussion threads on the Harvard Business Review  Linked Group on the impact of volunteering on individuals from the corporate sector, Reminiscing the experience of working with volunteers in over 20 countries across Asia/ Pacific, I would like to share three key benefits that I see emerging. […]

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