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15 tips to adapt your online fundraising while co-existing with COVID-19

Offline fundraising activities and events shelved; budgets with huge deficits and many charities facing challenges in navigating through these tough times. Tough times to save lives; educate children; protect pregnant mothers; care for animals and conserve the environment among many other causes.  But what does the pandemic teach us? The crisis has highlighted the importance […]

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Business Leaders’ Philanthropic Role in an Age of Co-Creation

Nonprofit organisations provide services, goods and resources to meet urgent and vital community needs. But they rely on philanthropic donations in addition to grants and self-generated earnings. Business leaders should rise to collaborate and co-create with nonprofits to engender positive social impact. Certain Forbes-listers may come to mind when recalling business philanthropists. However, across all […]

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Understanding misunderstandings

This past week I arbitrated a misunderstanding between staff of one of my clients, was asked to intervene in a communication breakdown between two of my friends, as well as observed a miscommunication dilemma that a mentee was facing. My judgement of each of these scenarios would be unfair for the parties involved, as I […]

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ABCD Of The Change Making Fundraiser

  My 29 years as a fundraiser and working with fundraisers across continents have strengthened my view that the success of fundraising in most parts depends on the characteristics of the fundraiser. Here are the ABCD of a change-making fundraiser, as I see them: Authentic Being authentic is about the credibility in one’s words and […]

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Changing landscape of fundraising for social good

The world of social impact is changing. Where there used to be clear divides between ‘non-profit’ charities, ‘profit-for-purpose’ social enterprise and the ‘for-profit’ commercial sector, we are seeing the blurring of lines between these entities and the focus has shifted from money that works only to provide a financial return, to one that also ensures […]

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iORDER – Duty of Care and Prudence

Nonprofit boards have a duty of care and prudence in performing its role. This fact is well known and accepted. However, as stewards of nonprofit organizations, knowing what these duties entail and how to operationalize their responsibilities are issues faced by the board members. Here is a mnemonic that I have devised to help us […]

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Stations of the CSR Journey

As seen on Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy (Asia), Usha Menon in conversation with Deputy Editor, IndiaCSR, Bilal Hussain. IndiaCSR News Network Usha Menon is the Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy (Asia), an international training and consultancy service working exclusively with social-impact organisations across Asia. Her multi-country client list include International […]

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Sharing my experiences and insights

   ‘Dear God, please don’t let me lose my other leg too. I want to be able to kneel and pray to you.’ These are the words from the diary of a 13 year old in Jakarta, Indonesia, who is being cared for at the pediatric hospice providing end-of-life care for children with life-threatening conditions […]

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